Young, naive, and quick tempered.



Barbarian 2, Sorcerer 1


Str. 16, Dex. 14, Con. 15, Int. 12, Wis. 13, Cha. 18

Combat Stats

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Feats and Features

Campaign Trait: ???

Racial: Darkvision 60’, Orc Ferocity (when dropped to below 1hp, may act for 1 round as disabled)

Barbarian: Rage: (8 rounds, +4 Str. +4 Con); Uncanny Dodge (Cannot be flat-footed).

Sorcerer: Draconic Heritage: Claws (2x Claws, 1d4+str, 7 rounds).

Feats: Power Attack, Draconic Breath


The Story

Ausk is a young half-orc who just entered the age of maturity. He is short tempered and supremely overconfident.

A few weeks before now, a member of his tribe found him making an offering to an apparition of the dragon Aasterinian. His tribe banished him for betraying their god, Gorum.

Ausk is now looking for work in Westcrown, where as a half-orc, he is less shunned.


I hate Goblins.

Beard Face

He said what? I’m gonna kill him!


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