Council of Orange Thieves

Quotes 04/27/10

Jeff: I feel like I need to keep track of his and my kills. Like I’m Gimley and he’s Legolas. Joe: He’s not like Legolas, he’s a goblin! AJ: Yeah, well how many kills have you gotten?

Jeff: How is it that I have to try to keep up in kills with the 2nd level Goblin Rogue with 8 hit points who does 1d4 damage. I’m a half-orc barbarian who’s twice his level and does 2d6+9!

AJ and Joe: Awww! And on tonight of all nights!

Not by the hair..

After defeating Content Not Found: ahri_the_arrowman, Ausk finds a ruby in the pocket of his pants. The party continues on their trek to discover who Whitechin is. Wlax is excited to be getting back, is acting more and more frenzied as he gets closer. He zigs and zags, continually mentioning something about “his rats.”

Eventually, they arrive at a large Warehouse, which is about 100ft wide. After descending some stairs, they reach Whitechin’s “throne room.” It is covered in refuse, and the stench is horrible. It smells like the combination of rotten eggs, three-week old garbage, and AJ’s sweat pants. Nasty. As you look around, you gain an appreciation for the size of the chamber. It begins as a well designed hall, then opens out into natural walls, more of a cavern. The throne appears to be fashioned out of what was once an elegant and ornate bed, the headboard serving as a massive seat back, and the four pillars providing the legs. As you walk closer to his throne, you notice that there are goblins searching through several piles of trash, and a group has just carried in a large load, unceremoniously dropping it on the ground in a heap.

Mar is the advisor to Whitechin, and he is sitting on the throne, overlooking the goblins. Whitechin slams open wooden doors in the back of the hall, and drags a body over to the throne. He is a Half-Orc chainfighter, and clearly a badass. After attempting to convince Ausk to join him, the fight begins. Ausk drops a massive hit, and after getting Wlax to get his fellow goblins onto the side of good, the fight seems in the party’s favor. Wlax ends it by leaping and stuffing Content Not Found: draketh’s scimitar into Content Not Found: whitechin’s throat.

Wlax is made King of the Goblins, and is convinced to give command to Mar while he joins the party in adventures.

Road to Whitechin
Eats, Arrowman, and Dander

The party realizes that it has a golden opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of the goblins, hopefully finding vengeance for that sneaky rogue that got away. There are rumors that a Goblin King named Whitechin has created a ‘kingdom’ in the deserted northern section of the city, and the menace there only continues to grow as more gangs flock to join in the fun. With much exhuberance, the party sets off north..

Walking through the wreckage, you notice that the buildings ooze what once may have been grandeur. Now, however, there is nothing but despair and disappointment. Walking through what must have been a bakery, you still think you can smell what was freshly baked bread. All that is left is a tattered tapestry saying “Wesley and Son’s Bakery.” The air is cool, and you feel gooesbumps raise on the back of your neck. You hear a skittering noise off to your left.. Whatever is here is not going to be friendly….

The party stumbles into a group of four goblins eating what appears to be the corpse of a young boy, so they sneak up to try to exact a measure of vengeance. Winding their way through the rubble of buildings, they are stunned to discover their quarry has disappeared. They notice tracks leading to a building, where the goblins decided to move into. After a fierce battle, the party is victorious, capturing Wlax.

Wlax is (easily) convinced to lead them to Whitechin. On the way, they meet the odd Ahri the Arrowman, who is dispatched.

AJ Character Creation!
Sexy Bietch

AJ now has a Half-Elf Monk! We’re still working on some backstory, but he’s definitely a badass. There’s some interesting possibilities brewing, we’ll have a post by AJ talking about some of his awesomeness.

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